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How to Batch add watermark images to pictures?
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It's easy as ABC, just 4steps!
You can add watermark images to your tons of pictures in a few minutes!
Step 1 Download & Install Photo Genius for Free and then click [Start] button on the appearing interface
Step 2 Click [Photos], and then click [Add Photos] to add pictures.
Step 3 Click [Filters], then click [Add Filters], and then select "Annotate" -> "Watermark Image" and click [Add].
Step 4 Click [Process] to add watermark image to the pictures.
Sometimes, we need to brand our pictures with visible copyrighted watermarks so that it will not be easily stolen and used by unscrupulous competition. Photo Genius is a powerful batch photo watermarker which is capable of adding visible watermark images to hundreds of pictures in batch mode!

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For more details, please refer to the following instructions(Click to View More)...

To add watermark image to a picture with Photo Genius, please follow the instructions below:


Step 1.Download Photo Genius from the following link:


Step 2.Install Photo Genius into your computer with reference to Installation reference.


Step 3.Click on the appearing interface.


Note: The trial version of Photo Genius will leave a visible watermark on each photo processed, please purchase a license to remove this limitation.


Step 4. Click, and then click  to select and add the picture.



Step 5. Click, then click  to open the "Select Filter" interface.



Step 6.Select "Annotate"-> "Watermark Image" and click  to open the "Watermark Image" interface.



Step 7. Add the watermark image to the picture and set the related parameters of the watermark image.


: Click  to choose the watermark image.


: Choose the location of the image on the picture.


: More specifically set the location of the watermark text on the photo by adjusting the X and/or Y delta of pixel.


: Adjust the watermark image from percentage perspective.


: Rotate the watermark image.


: Set the transparency of the watermark image.


The modified and the original pictures will be shown if "Show preview" is ticked.



If you are not satisfied with the result, click  to choose and set again.


If you do not want to add watermark image after you open it, click  to cancel the operations.


When ready, click  to finish the operations, then it will return to the "Add filter" interface.


Step 8.Click  to set the name, output folder and output format of the output picture.



Step 9.Click  to process and click  to close the "Processing" window when the processing is finished.



Open the picture in the saved folder and you will see the processed picture with a visible watermark on it. To remove this limitation, please purchase a license.


The following steps will tell you how to purchase a license.

  Step 1. Double click  on your desktop or select "Start ->All Programs ->Photo Genius -> Photo Genius".

  Step 2.Click  to open the "Purchase Genius" interface.

  Step 3. Click to open the "Activate Genius" interface.

  Step 4. Input the "Code" to activate the software.   

  Step 5. Click  to get the registered version of Photo Genius.



Do the step 4 to step 9 again as above and you will see the processed picture without a watermark on it as follows when you open the picture in the saved folder.

What are the users saying?

Thomas( Says:

An amazing picture processing program! Everything is so quick and easy! Even though I'm not experienced in graphics, I got perfect results. Thank you!

Sat.Sep.1.2011 at 2:30 PM

Yvonne Sanders( ) Says:

With Photo Genius, what used to take me hours to complete, now I can do in minutes and still get professional looking results. I used to hate doing restoration of old pictures, but now I enjoy doing it!

Sun.Sep 3.2011 at 4:48 PM

Marshall Heartley( Says:

I have downloaded the trial version of Photo Genius. I have to say that I am impressed by its effects! It was easy to use and produced powerful results!

Mon.Sep 4.2011 at 5:48 PM

Kelly Sigethy( ) Says:

This software is simply Amazing. I just tried the free trial of Photo Genius. So easy to use and install, so many features. Fixing up image imperfections is easy to do and very quick with this software. I am rushing out to buy the full version to use it for my design business and I will recommend it to everyone. Great picture processing software!

Tue.Sep 7.2011 at 8:48 AM